Hello, and welcome to Qi-Wiki. We aim to become the most comprehensive collection of information about QI on the internet.

You can help by adding a page on an episode: see "Lethal" for a random example of the formatting that's usually used in these pages. You could also write something about a panellist: pages about panellists should have a sentence or two about who the person is and why they are famous, followed by some facts and statistics about their appearance(s) on QI.

Special:WantedPages will show a list of any redlinks that exist on this wiki: this means that someone has tried to link to a page on a subject, but none exists. It's a good place to start, because it shows pages that would be useful and that people want.

Category:Article stubs shows a list of pages which exist, but aren't very good. Your help in improve some of these pages would be really appreciated.

See Qi-Wiki:Policy if you want to read a bit more about the rules on this site and Qi-Wiki:Gold pages to find out about our best content.

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